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UDC Staff Members

CEO & Medical Director

J. Peter Strang, MD
Phone:  617.527.1855, ext. 11 

Office Staff

Wendy-Senior Medical Services Coordinator
Phone:  617.527.1855, ext. 16         

Wendy has been with UDC since 2002.  She is the dedicated Medical Coordinator for our attorney clients, all IMEs, and several clients. 

Emily- Medical Services Coordinator
Acting Credentialing Coordinator
Phone:  617.527.1855, ext. 10 
Fax:  617.830.0002

Emily Brown has been with UDC since 2006. She handles the day-to-day referrals and procedures for several of our largest clients.  She also handles credentialing and re-credentialing for all of our reviewers. 

Julie- Client Relationship Manager

Julie Salvato has been with UDC since 2018.  She connects with key business executives and prepares sales reports.  She handles forecasting, recruiting, marketing and new business.  She has a Masters in the Art of Communication and Leadership from Gonzaga. 

Mignonne- IT Consultant

Minnie Davis has been with UDC since 2012 and in the IT industry for over 30 years.  She ensures security within our proprietary secure portal and conducts all risk assessments.  She has a Masters in Computer Science from Boston University.  

Janice- Director of Nursing & Quality Assurance

Janice Thims has been with UDC since 2012.  As the Director of Nursing and Quality Assurance with 20 plus years of experience working to improve the delivery of service for Disability and Long Term Care insurance.  She works diligently to support the staff to prepare reviews that are not only accurate, but often flawless.  Prior to working in the insurance industry, she worked in hospital administration with the responsibility for Occupational Health.  She has a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing from the University of Wisconsin and a Master's Degree in Public Administration/Hospital Administration from the University of Southern California.   

Kathy- Accounting & Billing 
Phone:  617.527.1855, ext. 12 


76 Chestnut Street
Newton, MA 02465-2528

Phone:  617.527.1855, ext. 10 & 16
Fax:  617.830.0002

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