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About UDC
UDC evolved as the result of observations that there was a need for the medical expertise we have been committed to providing since 1985 - expert medical consultation services that enable our clients to make appropriate and timely decisions in their domains.
All of our physicians are board certified in their specialties - highly qualified professionals dedicated to providing fair, unbiased, impartial medical opinions regarding claimant functionality.  Our doctorate level neuropsychologists and psychologists are experts in their fields and in assessing functionality.
Our nurses and vocational rehabilitation specialists are all fully licensed and credentialed.
UDC was established with the intention of developing a team of skilled physician reviewers able to deliver detailed and well-reasoned evaluations that address our clients' questions in a timely manner. UDC provides excellent medical consultation and evaluation services, in order to facilitate fair and accurate client decision making.
We at UDC adhere to the ethical principles and guidelines set forth by the American Medical Association. We are committed to approaching claimants with empathy and developing and maintaining professional and respectful relationships with our clients.
Mission Statement

UDC's mission is to impart case knowledge and understanding to facilitate client decision-making through the enhancement of fair-claims practice, thereby resulting in unbiased, beneficial outcomes for all parties- our clients and their claimants.   

76 Chestnut Street
Newton, MA 02465-2528

Phone:  617.527.1855, ext. 10 & 16
Fax:  617.830.0002

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